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We believe in giving parents more time to do what they love with who they love.

Our Mission

To instantly connect parents to a range of children activities, care programs, and camps based on their location, budget, and interests

Our Story

Abhinav Katoch

If you can find everything else for your household online, why can’t you find engaging activities for your kid? In a nationwide survey conducted by Lets Kamp, 70% of parents said they didn’t have a good place to look for camps.

LetsKamp began with a dad trying to find a summer camp for his two daughters only to find it time consuming and difficult to identify and learn about local programs. He realized other parents must face this same issue. Parents are busy, so spending hours of research comparing prices and searching through various camps and activities takes time away from their work or family.

As an engineer, Abhinav Katoch, founder of Lets Kamp, decided to create the tool that he wanted to use. His vision for Lets Kamp was to create a centralized resource to help parents and identify and learn about local care programs, activities, and camps.

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