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Why LetsKamp?

Efficiently Find Youth Activities For Your Kids.

LetsKamp was innovated to be every parent’s best friend, saving you the time and frustrations that often come with finding enrichment programs, after-school activities, and even camps near you. Now you can quickly and efficiently search for the activities and classes your kids need and will love. Whether you’re looking for live or virtual programs for kids, after-school care, youth development programs, or summer programs and camps for kids, everything you need will be at your fingertips!

It’s as Easy as Search, Review, and Register.

Whether you’re at home or on the road, LetsKamp lets you search by location to find a wide range of fun classes, summer camps, and businesses that cater to children and teens. Once you find a fit for your adolescent, easily register* for the activity or class instead of chasing down links across multiple sites. Enjoy the convenience of being able to quickly search for fun activities for your child without the added worry of if a business is truly “kid friendly.

*The registration feature is available for businesses registered with LetsKamp.

Enjoy No Membership Fees

That’s right. Parents can use our service for free — there’s no membership fee required!

Here at LetsKamp we value promoting businesses that contribute to the emotional growth, development, and socialization of children. Therefore, we don’t believe it’s a service that should cost!

Furthermore, our business partners who cater to kids can use our service for free for a basic listing. Or, you can use our paid subscription for more business features!

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Compare hundreds of summer camps, sleepaway camps, and day camps based on the criteria that matter to you. Filter by distance, age groups, price, and interests to find the perfect camp adventure for your child!


After-School Care

Compare after-school care options, including enrichment programs, based on the criteria that matter to you. Now you can rest assured knowing your child is taken care of after school!



Compare additional class options, including enrichment programs, based on the criteria that matter to you. Watch as your child gains more knowledge and leans into their special interests.


In-Person Activities

Compare hundreds of teens and kids’ camps, classes, programs, and after-school care based on the criteria that matter to you. We’ve got the selection of fun activities your child craves!


Online Youth Activities

Compare hundreds of online classes for kids, enrichment programs, and more based on the criteria that matter to you. The convenience of online options will keep your child educated and growing even when they’re at home.


Get Your Business Noticed! Become a LetsKamp Partner.

Supercharge your kid-focused business, service, or activity by getting it in front of the families specifically looking for what you offer. LetsKamp for businesses helps increase your visibility and helps you reach new customers with minimal time and effort on your part. This way, you can focus on what is important— running your business with the peace of mind that seats are filled. From summer programs for kids and teen camping excursions to youth development programs, activities, and classes, we are happy to work with all business partners who support youth development and socialization.

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What is LetsKamp?

LetsKamp is a cutting-edge platform that helps and empowers parents to improve their children's social intelligence (or social IQ) by finding enriching activities, such as camps for kids, classes, and after-school care programs. Our mission is to make it easier for parents to discover reliable and beneficial activities that help their children develop social skills and build strong relationships.

What regions are you covering?

We are excited to launch in the Washington DC metro area, with plans to expand to other parts of the country in the near future! If you're located outside of our current service area, don't worry! We’ll be in your area soon. Simply leave your contact information, and we'll keep you updated on our expansion plans.  

Is LetsKamp a free service for parents?

Yes! Our platform is 100% free for parents. We understand that raising kids is a tough (and expensive) job, and we want to make it easier for you to find activities that help your child further develop their social intelligence and confidence. You can easily search and save your favorite camps, classes, after-school care, and activities without any cost.

Is this a free service for business partners?

We offer a basic-tier service that is free for businesses. This includes simple listings that link to their business website. Our paid tier provides premium features such as the ability to receive qualified parent leads who are interested in your services, richer listings, and the ability to register within our platform. Our goal is to help kid-focused businesses improve their online visibility and reach more parents who value social intelligence and look for quality activities for their kids.

What do I do if I still have more questions?

We’re here for you! If you have any other questions or concerns, we are happy to help. Simply contact us via email or our contact form, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

How is LetsKamp better than using a basic search engine?

When you head to Google to search for “camps near me”, you receive unfiltered information. By using LetsKamp, you can search with peace of mind knowing that the kid-focused businesses, activities, and camps we recommend are vetted by a team that cares about your child’s growth and future.


Made for Parents, By Parents

LetsKamp was created by parents for parents. Our team recognized what a hassle it is to find kids classes, camps, activities, and care for our children, and we knew we weren't the only ones frustrated. In fact, a nationwide survey revealed that 70% of parents agreed that they don't have a good place to find youth activities. We've set out to make a change so families can spend less time searching and more time learning, growing, and doing what they love.

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