3 Simple Hacks To Prepare Your Kids For Virtual Learning

Remote learning is nothing new; in fact, there are people who were already in favor of virtual learning even before the pandemic started.

For some adults, it gives them the flexibility and convenience they need to balance their work and lives. For some kids, remote learning has brought significant changes and benefits, such as better focus and performance since there are lesser distractions.

However, not everyone can adapt easily online. There are still kids who are having or may have a hard time grasping with digital education and if you’re one of the parents who are worried about their child’s on this matter, this blog is for you!

Getting Your Kids Ready For Virtual School

Set A Time For Reflection

This is not only applicable when your child is preparing for virtual learning; it can also be beneficial to those who are going back to formal schools.

Taking a time to reflect by creating a list of what worked for them or not can help them set expectations and address issues in advance. This is a perfect activity during a less stressful time, such as during a summer break or vacation.

As a parent, you can also create your own list to help you prepare for challenges that you may encounter once the hybrid learning starts.

Designate Your Kid’s Workspace

Gone are the days when a home is just a home; now, it’s an office and a classroom to parents and children. While this kind of setup offers benefits, there are also concerns that need to be addressed, such as distractions, conflicts, and even stress.

If you’ve been working at home for some time now, you probably know the difference between just working on your couch or bed to having your own workspace, no matter how small or big it is. 

It can help you focus more on your work and become more efficient and productive; the same thing with kids. A virtual learning space for kids can help boost their creativity, enhance focus, and increase their motivation.

Surprisingly, you don’t need a lot to create a designated workspace for you kids. You can click this link for inspiration.

Include Physical Activities

Last year, social distancing measures were highly implemented, thus limiting the activities and events, such as camps, travel, etc. However, although things are somehow better than before, the challenge is still the same.

Little did we know, these have affected not only the adults but also the kids. So if you want to get them ready and excited for virtual learning, one of the best things to consider is to keep them active. 

While most of us can’t freely go outside, simple routines, such as doing a family workout or walking can help. Limiting the time on screen also helps as this lets the kids become more engaged at home and at their virtual school.

Bonus Tip: Start A Passion Project

Passion projects are fun simply because it’s all about passion. This helps kids have a productive headspace while stimulating their spirit and energy for the upcoming virtual class.

It can be anything -- starting a website, creating a garden at home, or a powerpoint about dinosaurs.

The key is to learn more about your kids to help you find what passion project is best for them. Of course, their contribution or suggestion should always come first.

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