Ashgrove Adventure

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17100 Aquasco Farm Rd, Aquasco, MD, 20711 • 5503.49 miles


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03:30PM - 09:00AM


Adventure Outdoors


Jurassic Ashgrove -- Soar, stamp, and roar as the Age of the Dinosaurs comes alive at Ashgrove Adventure. Meet us in the Mesozoic as we get messy in the tar pits of our challenge course. Trek through steamy, Jurassic jungles for creamy, cool hand-cranked ice cream. Create some Cretaceous crafts and explore dinosaurs in pop culture. Unearth fossils with the paleontologists and investigate millions of years of our changing earth. Will your skill in archery, slingshots, and tomahawks subdue a stegosaurus? Feathers, eggs, bones, and scales: investigate nature’s living dinosaurs and prehistoric plants. Take an imaginary journey to the past and be the first to discover fire and enhance your survival skills in the outdoors. Join us for a BIG romping, stomping, chomping dinosaur excursion at Ashgrove’s Jurassic Adventure.



17100 Aquasco Farm Rd, Aquasco, MD, 20711