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Mistake one - the structure of the essay is not followed. Many students go too deep into the maze of their reasoning, completely forgetting about the structure and composition. As a result, instead of an essay, they end up with something vague and formless, a stream of consciousness in arbitrary form. Such an essay will never get you the highest score, even if it contains truly brilliant ideas.

Mistake two - abuse of volume. Don't think that the more theses you put into your essay, the better. Three is quite enough, but very succinct and well-reasoned.

Mistake three - inconsistency of the argument with the thesis statement. Often, when writing an essay, students present the thesis statement with literally "paper owl review" arguments. You can hardly expect to get a high grade for this, either.

Mistake number four - inability to draw a conclusion. Your essay should have a logical conclusion that summarizes everything written. Without it, you can't call it solid.

Mistake five - poverty of language. Any essay is an opportunity to reveal your personality in verbal form, so use it to the fullest! Try to make your work interesting to read.

In fact, there may be many more mistakes, only the main ones are described here. But what to do for those who constantly make mistakes in essay writing?

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