School’s fun but summer offers a different kind of excitement. It’s that time of the year where kids are happily anticipating the best summer activities that they would cherish all throughout childhood.

For parents, this could be thrilling, too, and for two major reasons: one is because you have more time to spend with your kids and two, it means pulling out your wallet from time to time. But did you know that it doesn’t have to be this way? And by that I mean, you don’t have to burn a lot of cash just to have the best summer activity this year.

You read that right!

Rather than exhausting your bank account this summer, you can try these budget-friendly ideas instead. The best part is: the entire family will have fun doing these activities, which means you’re going to have some quality time, too!

Set Up A Water Blob

What water blob, you ask? Moms and dads, this is simply a plastic sheeting you can purchase on Amazon. Fill it out with water and give your kids an hour of jumping, rolling, and running around. Don’t be shy, you can hop in, too!

Go Camping In Your Backyard

Without a doubt, this activity is one of the most popular and for good reasons. First, you don’t have to spend a lot and second, there’s no need to travel because you’re literally just staying in your backyard. You can ask help from your kids when setting up a tent (and double the quality time) and spend the night telling stories, singing campfire songs, and of course, serving your all-time favorite snacks.

P.S. Don’t forget S’mores! And if you want to make it extra fun, you can lie on the grass and have a memorable stargazing night.

Fly A Kite

Nothing beats a classic summer activity — flying a kite. While you can choose the reliable ol’ plastic kite, you can go for a more aesthetically appealing fabric kite — and you can find creative ideas here.

Start by making the kite together with your kids (it’s more fun, trust me!) and be sure to take it out when the wind’s heavy enough.

Paint Using Squirt Guns

Ditch the paintbrushes (for now) and have fun painting using squirt guns (which you can buy for less than $10 in Amazon. Be sure to do it outside though for easier paint removal. In this summer activity, you will not only help your kids develop artistic skills but also, it can also help you form a stronger family bond.

Watch A Fireworks Show

During the summer, many towns and cities are offering fireworks displays and your entire family can take advantage of this. You can drive for the nearest fireworks shows or drive an hour (if you want more adventure), bring a snack or two and watch the sky light up.

P.S. Don’t forget to bring a camera and keep these memories last forever.

DIY Rainbow Popsicles

Nothing beats summer other than the cool and refreshing taste of popsicles, and not just any ordinary popsicles but rainbow ones.

This summer activity is surprisingly cheap but it gives loads of entertainment for you and your little ones. It’s easy to make, too! And oh, let’s not forget about the hours your family will spend savoring these colorful popsicles.

If you want to make the night extra special, you can even check these family night activities. It’s not only fun, it’s also FREE!

Visit The Local Zoo

The school may be out (for a short time) but learning never stops. Visit a local zoo and explore the animal kingdom with your little ones. It’s a fun, safe, and educational summer activity that your kids will never get tired of.

Locate Public Pools Nearby

The weather’s warm and it’s just perfect to visit a public pool nearby (or if you’re feeling extra, you can check out amazing waterparks instead). You can either swim with the entire family or enroll your kids in a swimming summer camp.

Don’t worry about the location and budget, we’re here to help! Simply download LetsKamp and filter the camps according to its place and price.

Create Giant Bubbles

I’ve seen this trick in some birthday parties and it never failed to make a child smile (or even laugh). You can do this easily by using a hula hoop, a kiddie pool, and a bubble solution. Why wait for your kid’s birthday when you can have fun with them now?

Movie Night… Outside!

Grab an inflatable mattress outside, pop some popcorn, rent a movie projector, and host an outdoor movie in your backyard. You’ll also need a white sheet and a list of your favorite movies to watch.

Tip: Be sure to ask your kids for a suggestion and vote which movie you think is the best. And before you go to bed, ask about their favorite part, their dream character in the movie, and when they want to do a movie night again.

Watch Free Summer Concerts

During summer, there’s a wide range of free outdoor concerts to choose from and you can take this as an opportunity to introduce your kids to a variety of music. You can go online and look for a list of free concerts nearby.

These are just some cheap (but surprisingly fun and exciting) summer activities you can do with your kids, and you can find more in our LetsKamp forum. See you there!