Parenting , although exhausting and overwhelming most of the time, is fun. This goes especially if you have a toddler in the house. They’re filled with energy and excitement that we rarely see in adults. So as a mom or dad, it’s best if you can take advantage of this moment and be silly with them!

After all, kids are naturally silly and I mean it the good way. It’s not easy to make them happy, they play and goof around without worrying about what anyone would say. They are a free spirit and every time I see a child who doesn’t care about the world, it makes me feel happy, too!

But as an adult, we just can’t be silly all the time. I mean, try dancing around even without music or put a toy on your boss’ seat and let’s see what happens next.

Therefore, it’s also natural for us as an adult to help them grow and become mature. We want to be the best parent for them and we are taking this role seriously, but seriously, it would help to be silly with your kids sometimes.

And by that I mean to embrace silliness and being a part of it.

Why, you ask?

Because of these serious benefits that being funny and silly has.

Why You Should Get Serious Being Silly With Your Kids
It Provides A Feeling Of Security And Comfort
Your childhood affects your adulthood, and I know that you know that by now. Therefore, it’s crucial to give our children a better, if not the best childhood experience. One of the ways to do this is by providing emotional stability as a kid.

Emotional stability gives you the ability to handle stress and for young ones, we can help them develop this by being fun. Picture it this way: think of the happy thoughts you have when you were a child, especially the ones when you were laughing or playing. Do you feel hurt or emotionally vulnerable at that time?

I believe not.

When you laugh, you feel happy and this shuts almost any negative feelings, such as confusion, guilt, fear, pain, neglect, or fear. And as a child, avoiding or overcoming these negative emotions develop self-confidence and self-esteem.

Therefore, when you let your child see you happy and joining their silliness at times, you are helping them have a life full of joy, happiness, and fun. Not only that, but you’re also giving them a warm place that provides acceptance and safety because you give them a happy home.

It Helps Them Learn To Cope With Stress Or Anxiety
In line with the statement above, having a place that provides security and comfort helps your child cope with stress in a better way.

Stress is everywhere and it affects everyone, even your child.

For instance, newborns learn how to communicate; toddlers learn how to talk, walk, or potty train; preschool kids learn how to write, follow the rules, and socialize; young teens learn how to develop self-confidence, accept changes due to puberty, etc. These things, although we may not realize, are already stressful for them, especially since failure is bound to happen anytime.

That being said, it’s important that we, as parents, help them relax while still having a goal in mind.

By being silly, you let your kid understand that there’s still a reason to laugh despite the challenges in life. That, even if they failed to achieve a certain milestone or goal, can stand up and have fun after a setback.

The good thing about this is that your kids may soon realize that there’s humor or silver line to every situation, no matter how bad it looks like.

Clueless about what to do? You can start with fun questions to ask your kids.

It Creates A Stronger, Powerful Bond
One of the best things about being silly with your child is that it helps you create a powerful bond with your child.

Since you’re not your typical you — a.k.a. that firm mom or dad — you let your little one see your other side — the playful side.

As mentioned above, it’s natural for kids to be silly and when you’re doing the same thing with them, you are letting them feel that you are in the same zone together. You help them enjoy your company even more and when this happens, your child will value your relationship more than before.

This is good for many reasons. For example, you expect them to do something, let’s say pick up their toys after playing. Now, since you create a stronger bond that they value, they would go to extreme lengths to maintain that bond.

On top of this, respect develops. When you’re having fun and getting comfortable with each other, your child feels more accepted and respected and in return, they will also respect you even more.

To add up, research suggests that a stronger parent-child relationship develops many positive outcomes.

Even Oscar Wilde, the Irish poet once said: “the best way to make children good is to make them happy.”

Happy parenting!