14 Valentine’s Day Ideas With Kids + Our Top Recommendations

Valentine’s Day is a special day for couples and spouses; however, it should not be limited to these people. After all, it’s a day of love, thus you should definitely consider spending this with your children. 

Looking for some cool Valentine’s Day ideas with kids? Here are some activities you can consider for this special month of love.

Valentine’s Day Ideas For Family

Do Crafts At Home

Being romantic doesn’t necessarily mean going out; you can actually celebrate it at the comforts of your own home. Prepare colored papers, some glue, wiggly eyes, and get creative with simple crafts that your kids will enjoy.

Create A Journal

Keep your sweet moments together in a cute journal that you and your kid will create. Other than attaching photos, you can create messages for each other or write a short description of each photo and relive the moment once more.

Exchange Gifts

Giving and receiving gifts doesn’t only happen at Christmas… it can happen at any time of the year and one of the best days is this coming Valentine’s. Find something special that your child can keep and use, such as a locket with your photos inside.

Tell Them You Love Them… In A Not-So-Usual Way

Even if you’re doing this countless times a day, telling them “I love you” is something they won’t get tired of hearing. But this special day, go a little extra by doing any of these things: writing a short note and putting it in their backpacks, making a special meal for school, having heart-shaped pancakes for breakfast, and the list goes on.  

Bonus: You can cut-out heart shapes from a red or pink construction paper and write short notes for your little one. Now, hide it in various places and ask them to do a scavenger hunt. When they find all the notes, a sweet surprise awaits!

Read Valentine’s Stories For Kids 

After school, you can visit a local library and look for books about Valentine’s Day. You can also head over to bookstores a day before the event and find something you can read as a bedtime story for your kids on the night of February 14.  

Bake Valentine’s Treats 

When it comes to making treats this Valentine’s, you can just bake anything in a heart shape. Surprise your kids with heart-shaped pies, heart cookies, heart lollipops, heart pretzels, heart doughnuts, and heart pizzas!

Heart’s Day At The Aquarium

This February 14, Seattle Aquarium showcases a special learning activity with the local marine species. Kids can learn about the mating behavior and courtship of different aquatic animals, such as salmon, sharks, rockfish, and sturgeon. Learn more details here.

Valentine’s Day Run

Gather the entire family and join the annual Love ‘Em Or Leave ‘Em Valentine’s Day Dash this year. It’s a fun, healthy activity that you kids can surely enjoy. You can choose to run a 5K, 10K, or half marathon race or simply enjoy the day running under the Tunnel Of Love, leaving sweet messages for your children and spouse.

A Happily Ever After Valentine’s Day

This February, bring your kids to A Royal Valentine's Day Party for a chance to meet the famous Disney Princesses, Sleeping Beauty and Rapunzel. You can also participate in fun activities, such as face painting or decorate cupcakes with kids. 

My First Sweetheart Dance

An event exclusively made for families -- now that’s something you should not miss! Join this year’s Sweetheart Dance and be sure to bring the entire family (no age limit required). Dress up and start a new family tradition this month.

Festival For Chocolate Lovers

Because Valentine’s is all about being and having sweets! Every year, the City of Fairfax showcases the best chocolates in the world plus awesome activities that kids of all ages will love. This includes storytime, tastings, chocolate challenges, puppet shows, and many more.

Valentine’s Day Card Workshop

Gone are the days when receiving Valentine’s cards is the highlight of the event. But don’t worry, your kids still have a chance to experience making cards in the most delightful way. Valentine-themed stamps, stickers, papers, and other stationery are already waiting and the only thing that you and children need to bring is your creativity. 

Learn Love In Every Language

This February, learn new ways to say love with your kids. This might include activities, such as creating Valentine’s Day cards in woodblock prints, showcasing Asian art, and doing heart-shaped origami. 

Valentine’s Day Afternoon Tea

Bond with your kids and enjoy savory finger sandwiches, mouth-watering pastries, afternoon teas, and the famous fresh-baked scones at The Willard’s. This is a cute opportunity, especially for little kids who fancy doing this.

Do you have more ideas on how to celebrate Valentine's day with your kids? If yes, we’d love to hear them in the comment box below!

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