Finding Your Kid’s Passion: What Parents Should And Should Not Do To Help Their Kids Discover Their Interest

Every parent’s dream is to help their child find their passion. Unfortunately, sometimes, this is easier said than done. Like other goals, it requires a process or certain action to accomplish it and if you’re interested to know how you can motivate your child to pursue what he/she loves, this post is for you!


Kids, especially the younger ones, love to enjoy many things. When you’re baking, they’re excited to crack the eggs with you. When you’re gardening, they wanted to water the plants, too. When everyone’s up and dancing, they want to show their moves as well.


Considering this, it’s not easy to tell which activities really excite them but sooner or later, you’ll be able to tell if he’s into sports, gymnastics, politics, art, or maybe something else.


As confused as you are, your little ones are still figuring this out, too, but with the help of these tips, you can guide your kids in finding their passion:


Observe Your Child


Who would have thought that encouraging a kid to pursue a passion doesn’t have to be complicated? Sometimes (or most of the time), all you need is to really watch or listen to them. This way, you’ll know which topics interest them or which activities they like the most.


For example, if they enjoy watching art-related videos on YouTube, it’s clear that she loves art. Observe your child’s interest even if it’s likely to change over time. It won’t be long until they figure out what really makes them happy.


Parenting Tip: Avoid forcing your kid to like a certain show or task, let alone nagging them to find their passion. 


Encourage Your Child


Encouraging a child to do what they love doing is one way to help them find their passion. For example, if you think that they love to build things, then why not spend time with them doing building activities, such as playing with LEGO blocks or play dough? 


The thing is, once you have an idea of what they want to do, make sure to encourage them slowly, one at a time. Base your decision on your child’s level of interest so you don’t have to waste money or even time. 


For instance, instead of buying professional equipment, start with toys or something less expensive. 

Let Your Child Explore Other Options


If you have time (and budget), you can let your kid explore other options. Meaning, allow them to try different activities because only then will they know what excites them or not. 


During summer, you can talk to them about the things they’re interested in, so you’ll have an idea of which summer camp is best for them. You can also enroll them in after-school or extracurricular activities.


Other Ideas:


If you have limited time, let’s say you’re only available during weekends, you can visit a local museum, watch TV, read books together while exploring various topics, or simply support local clubs.


Ask Your Child Questions


Observing your child learn what they are interested in is good but asking them thought-provoking questions is even better.


For instance, your kid wanted to go on an outing. While doing this activity, you can ask questions like: why do you want to do this? What makes you excited about this task? How often do you want to do this?


By probing your child, you’re not only allowing yourself to learn more about your kid but also, you’ll have an idea about the other similar activities they can try.


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Avoid Judging Your Kid’s Choice


If a girl likes cars or building blocks, let her. If a boy wants to dance or sing, then let him. Seriously, there’s nothing wrong with that, so as parents, be sure to avoid the urge to judge and stereotype your children.


Whether it’s a harmless joke or an insult, kids could easily feel rejected when they are judged by their parents.


Final Words


Encouraging your child to find their passion is important; however, it should not compensate for their mental and physical aspect. Every kid is different; some are physically strong while others advance mentally.


Find out your child’s strengths and limitations to avoid resentment. Also, since they are still kids, do NOT pressure your kids to practice every day or to win. Of course, it’s good to bring out their potential but let them perform on their own level.


In addition, make sure that it is manageable for you and the kid. This will help them avoid thinking that extracurricular activity is just another daunting task.


Finally, enjoy it. Let your kids have fun!


Do you agree with this? What other tips do you have in mind? Please feel free to share your thoughts below or join our community for parents now!

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