Managing Christmas Stress - Spend The Holiday Season Without Any Pressure

It’s the most beautiful time of the year and I know most of you are getting overwhelmed already. The Christmas parties in your office, the preparations you need to do in your own home, and so on. On top of this, you also have to worry about managing the finances while doing your best to manage your kids’ expectations.

Disneyland this holiday? Oh, how about that massive dollhouse that your little princess is looking at? What Christmas activities are you going to have this year?

I know you have a lot of things going on in your mind but before you think of those, I want you to take a deep breath, exhale, and relax a little bit. Having a perfect Christmas is a dream of many parents but before worrying about that, be sure to find ways on how you can cope up with your stress.

Also, you can follow these tips on how you can manage your Christmas stress.

Managing Your Christmas Stress Hacks And Tricks

Handle Your Finances

When it comes to the causes of stress this holiday season, finance is on the top of the list -- and that’s already based on a 2004 poll held by the American Psychological Association (APA). According to the report, the majority of those who took the survey are feeling pressured about their money during Christmas, and that’s in America alone.

To avoid this, here are a few tips you can consider:

Manage Finances

Create A Christmas Budget

To create a Christmas budget, start by writing down your monthly income, your regular monthly expenses (rental, clothing, utilities, transportation, and everything else that you pay for every month), and your other expenses, including your budget for the gifts, Christmas dishes, etc.

Now, subtract your expenses from your income to know whether your earnings can cover this month's costs. 

If not, do not rely on loans rather, cut unnecessary expenses, such as coffee or even gifts.

Save As Early As Possible

I’ve read this tip somewhere a few months ago and it would have helped me if I’ve managed my finances really properly. Well, lesson learned! 

Anyway, you can start by saving a small amount in January. Let's say at least $50 to $75 every month (or any amount that won't compromise your expenses and savings).

It might be too early for some people but this will let you have the exact you need for the holidays (or more) without turning to lenders or credit cards.

Keep Track Of Everything

If possible, name every dollar you’ll spend so at the end of the month, you have an idea where your $100 went this time. Also, write down the names of the people that will receive a gift from you or other Christmas-related costs and the allotted budget for each.

For example:

  • Carlos $25
  • Gingerbread Cookies $10
  • Christmas Getaway $150

Stick To Your Budget

It’s tempting to go extra this season, especially for yourself. After all, you deserve a nice purse or shoes for being a good parent, right? Yes, it’s right but be sure to stick to your budget so you don’t end the year broken.

Manage Expectations

Encourage Children To Be Realistic

As a parent, you want nothing but the best for your kids and that may mean buying the most expensive gifts. Also, when your child gets older and older, they tend to realize what they want and this only adds more pressure to us.

Before Christmas (or any special occasions, such as birthdays), let your child create a wishlist. Ask them to write the gifts they want and tell them which present they might and might not receive. As early as now, help them realize which ones are acceptable and not and explain why. 

Also, don’t forget to help them understand the real essence of Christmas and it’s not just about giving or receiving gifts, it’s about being together with the people you love. It’s about doing fun activities that you can cherish forever. 

Be Realistic To Yourself

Everyone has their own idea of a perfect holiday, you may have even tried to carry out the plan for several years but for some reason, it doesn't end the way you wanted -- and that's okay.

Setting up expectations is fine but being realistic will save you from stress. Practice resilience and flexibility so if there's any mishap, whether on the day of the event or in everyday life, you don't have to worry a lot.

Also, instead of looking at these accidents negatively, take it this way: at least you have a funny or cool stories to tell your kids about the wine that poured on your Christmas dress, the uneven Christmas tree that fell apart, or the singing you have to do in front of your family since your other guests are late.

In short, don't let any of these ruin your day.

This holiday, it's hard to avoid stress but once you have learned how to handle your expectations and finances, this year can be different from the last.

Merry Christmas from your LetsKamp family!

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